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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

  • What is Adobe® Business Catalyst®?

    Adobe Business Catalyst is a unified hosting platform that enables you to work in your preferred editing environment to create sites that meet client requirements, without any server-side coding. The Business Catalyst hosting solution provides website management tools, email marketing, e-commerce, and an integrated customer database that makes it easy to build and publish websites.

  • How is Business Catalyst like web hosting?

    Adobe Business Catalyst is very similar to web hosting because of the dynamic, built-in modules and features. You’ll have an FTP account to upload web pages, CSS, SWF files, JavaScript, and images. Most nonprogramming-related tasks you can do with a regular web hosting company you can do with Business Catalyst.

  • Why is Business Catalyst referred to as an all-in-one online business platform?

    Once your clients log in, they will have immediate access to their contact database, orders, web form submissions, products, catalogs, web pages, and email marketing campaigns from one central location — all built to work together.

  • Do I need to know programming or HTML to add content to my web pages?

    Business Catalyst enables you to build powerful online businesses for your clients. Editing options are intended for on-the-fly content editing (for example, editing a simple web page). In order to customize the overall design, layout, and look of sites, you should have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

  • I use Adobe Dreamweaver® to build my web pages. How will that work with Business Catalyst?

    Adobe has built a dedicated extension that allows you to manage your Business Catalyst website directly inside the Dreamweaver user interface. The Business Catalyst extension works on Mac OS and Windows® operating systems. Download the extension here.

  • Is my creative freedom limited when designing on Business Catalyst?

    Business Catalyst does not limit your creative freedom whatsoever. You have complete control over the HTML and CSS that you put into the system.

  • Is Business Catalyst standards-compliant?

    Because Adobe respects your HTML code and won’t change it, your website’s XHTML standards compliance will depend on the HTML code that you create. However, if you do insert any system modules onto your web pages, the code generated by the system will be compliant.

  • Can I use my own web address? Or do I need to use

    For paid sites you can use your own web address or domain name. You can either redelegate your domain and use the Adobe DNS servers, or create an A record in your existing DNS service to point your domain to your new site at Business Catalyst — it’s up to you. For instructions on this, see our Knowledgebase article. Note that if you are a Premium partner and wish to use our rebranding features, you will need to redelegate the domain to Adobe.